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The Science of Everything Podcast is a science podcast with the aim of conveying accurate, rigorous scientific concepts and findings to a popular audience, in an accessible and engaging manner. This podcast is different from other science podcasts - it does not cover science news stories, conduct interviews, or engage in discussions. Each episode focuses on a single topic, systematically outlining some of the key scientific concepts, ideas, findings, and controversies relevant to understand this aspect of reality. Unlike some other podcasts, this show adopts a broad definition of 'science' to include not only the traditional scientific fields of physics, chemistry, and biology, but also the social sciences such as sociology, economics, and psychology.

Any feedback, suggestions for future topics, criticisms or recommendations is most appreciated. Contact me via email at Fods12@gmail.com. Also visit the podcast facebook page, which features visual material to supplement each episode. Enjoy the show, and grow in your appreciation of the marvels of science!

If you would like to support the show, consider becoming a patron on patreon, or making a donation via paypal. Each donation allows me to spend more time on the show to produce more regular content, and is greatly appreciated!

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