Episode 124: Volcanoes

A discussion of the awesome power of volcanoes, including an overview of the different types of volcanoes, types of lava and pyroclastics, mechanisms ...View Details

Concluding the two-part series on the circulatory and respiratory systems, I discuss the biochemical mechanisms by which red blood cells and hemoglobi...View Details

An overview of the basic concepts of linear momentum, angular momentum, work and energy. Includes a discussion of the conservation of momentum, why th...View Details

A discussion of the importance of the profit motive and freedom of competition in the efficient operation of a market economy. Includes an overview of...View Details

An overview of how atoms bond together to form different chemical substances, including a discussion of the tree main types of bonds (covalent, ionic ...View Details

An introduction to the key principles of quantum mechanics, beginning with an examination of the quantum-mechanical description of the behaviour of el...View Details

An introduction to basic Newtonian physics, including a discussion of forces, velocity, acceleration, Newton’s three laws of motion, and some common m...View Details

An examination of how the price system works, including an introduction to supply and demand theory, and the concepts of clearing the market and surpl...View Details

An overview of the chaotic inflationary theory for the origin of the universe, including a discussion of the inflaton field, quantum fluctuations, spo...View Details

Episode 10: The Cell

An overview of the structure and function of cells, as well as their discovery, size, and classifications. Organelles discussed include the nucleus, p...View Details

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